Friday, 7 December 2012

You really wanna know?? (CAUTION: not for soft hearted people)

Well this is a true story that happened and I’d never forget that night even if I lost my memory as no-one can remove those tragic and dismaying minutes of my life. Even today I get scare to death when I get that flashback. On top of that, awful part is when this hallucination appears without knocking my door. OMG! I can still recall how appalling it was and while writing about it, I can feel its recurrence….DAMN!!!
Okay so, this is what happened. It was different than what usually happens in movies and series that I was alone and it was dark and then heard something and then bizarre people showed up with skeletons and fresh wounds on them and then the traditional phrase of scream “aAaAAaaaAah…” and then running from here and there and creatures and bodies coming out from every wall and ceiling, from fridge and oven and suddenly everyone is starving to eat you and boom they finally eat you….burb….and they say “let’s hunt for something else”. Hey guys chill, you seem scared already. This did not happen with me. Gosh! Stay with me. Well my story was different I wasn’t home alone I was at a friend’s place and having a good time. Now don’t ask/think obvious questions; was I with girls? What was I doing with them at their place? Did my parents know I was with them late night? Blah blah blah…not the point. Well after playing for some time (don’t be pervert) we got hungry and thought we should eat. We checked refrigerator and closet but surprisingly couldn’t find anything except a bottle of milk as the whole thing was empty. She has been living in this place for more than a year now and was shocking to see an empty fridge but no worries there are many aliens living in this world, this is what I thought and said “let it go alien we’ll order something”, she laughed at my sarcasm and said “ai ai captain”, funny right?? But you won’t be smiling towards the end of my story.
We ordered pizza my favorite cheese, jalapeƱos and pineapples (yummm).  Doorbell rang just 3 minutes after I hung up. We were like “cool…pizza lazziza” (phrase I use every time whenever I get to eat pizza). I opened the door and saw no-one. I was shocked. I thought some kid did a prank on me so I closed the door and a minute after, doorbell rang again and saw no-one. I got pissed so I went into my friend’s room to yell at her what kind a stupid neighborhood she has, but couldn’t find her anywhere in the house. Got little scared but managed to show some manhood later one when I found her cloths outside guestroom’s bathroom and I could hear someone was inside. Well now don’t assume I would have asked to go in, I just went it like that knowing her cloths were outside (how can anyone miss this opening…curse your shyness). I saw no one in there except water coming through a shower and an empty tub. “Damn!” I said. As soon as I turned the power went out, it was a complete blackout. Now I started to panic a bit and reflexively said “mummmmmy”. I somehow managed to find a bed, laid on it and closed my eyes. Momentarily I heard some steps, opened my eyes and every freaking moronic friend was holding a torch facing their faces and scared me to death and said “happy birthday to you..buahahahaha” and boom lights came on they started taking pictures of me getting horrendously unspeakable and damn these people got me almost a heart attack. But that’s not it folks, I was being towed and put into that shower which was then filled with eggs, lemon, tomato and of course water. And yea I wasn’t wearing anything as these scoundrels took off everything while I was being towed (now don’t be a complete pervert). They didn’t stop there they started filming and took pictures all along plus sprayed whip cream topped with sprinkles. Complete gross. Nevertheless tagged me on fb saying “lazziza of the year” and then gave me my pizza saying “eat your lazziza” when in fact they made one out of me.
So remember folks, don’t go to any girl’s place late at night and don’t dare hangout with lots of friends who are female and especially who knows your birthday, you might end up in a dryer or GOD knows where. See I told you earlier, you won’t be smiling you would be in fact laughing.

Tomorrow… promise ‘Wallah’

This era is the most busiest nevertheless distracted era ever and the speed with which time is traveling I’m afraid people especially youths will forget what their central focus and aim was than what they are actually doing now and signs of which are shown everyday with numbers incrementing in multipliers.
Well people who lived before or belong to era before us have less distractions than what people face nowadays, and so that’s the main reason why people especially youths achieved what they wanted. Hold on readers, are you thinking I’m talking about studies here?? HeLL n0! I’m talking about every single thing anyone wanted, be it…, studies, sports or any other passion and target they had. But parallel to how much time is flying, number of youths which are actually succeeding in accomplishing their end desires are reducing every moment. Factors could be a number of reasons but key influences are remote in quantity. Wait..…wait..stay right there  everyone….i’m not justifying that it’s someone else fault that we get divertion from our ambitions, it is completely our fault. Now don’t be confuse by this I’m on your side and don’t give it a second thought whether I’m with you or not because if you do I’m afraid I might get hurt, physically though :P.
Well we always say “dude if I had a chance I would have nailed it brother” but we don’t realize we got plenty and then our blame game starts “man I was in this situation and that and this” the usual shit goes on. Everything has pros and cons we impliedly choose devil’s paradise. Hell yea it’s so much fun being there but in the end laying down on the couch or on bed makes us realize and we say three beautiful words again and again like someone is giving a speech for getting an achievement award, in which they say “I wanna thank bla bla bla” we say “W.T.FFF” (ya’all know what this means..c’mon don’t expect me to elaborate this part haha). And to end these stir craziness and proceed with our precious sleep (which bdw we don’t wanna comprise at any cost, despite going to bed at 2am or 3am) we say the usual line “Wallah tomorrow I’ll start, daikhna kal kya kerta hu main” and then that start is never seen again until you get another flashback while trying to sleep.
That’s life, reality and facing truth is bitter but at the same time the biggest tool to change ourselves and attain what we want. Start facing veracity, it is one of the keys to be successful.
Stay blessed.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Roka kisney HAI!!! (poem)

Haqeeqat ko pehchan dunya tayrey qadmo may hai,
Kisi aur ko khuda na maan dunya tayrey qadmo may hai,

Kyun phaylata hai haath kisi kay aagay,
Rab sey maang wohi daynay wala hai,

Apney aap ko eik nazar tau daikh,
Sara jaha tayrey qadmoo may aasakta hai,

Eik baar sachayee ka saamna tau ker,
Khud haqeeqat saamney aati hai,

Apni aukaat pehchan, aankhay khool,
Dunya qadam choomaygi, ye mujey yaqeen hai,

Qismat per roona choorday, tujh may who baat hai jo kisi may nae,
Eik baar apnay aap ko aazma, ashk kyun bahata hai,

Bharosa rakh, tu bi us cheez ka haqdaar hai,
Khuda kay siwa kissi aur ko kyun pujhta hai,

Juuti per rakh us zalim ko jo tujhey kehta hai nae hosakta,
Tu bi btaday ussey, tu kissi sey kum kaha hai,

Apnay jazbaat aur ana ko sambhal ayazi,
Sab kersaktey hai woh kaam jo qismat per nae rootey hai.

nA kar...........Na kaR (poem)

Na ker ye sab zeyba nae dayta,
Kyun zidi hai tu, harkatey chor kyun nae dayta,
Mulk badnaam hai, factoriya jal rahi hai,
Tu ab bi usi per ara hai, zehn per zor kyun nae dayta,

Khuda ko bhool chukay ho, Rasool (PBUH) ke izzat tau duur ki baat hai,
Apno ka aur nukassan na ker, aankhay khool kyun nahi dayta,

In aatish gardiyo sey kisi ka bhala nae hota,
Tareek gawa hai faida kisi ka nae, ye sab choor kyun nae dayta,

Musalman eik jism hai, dil na dukha kisi ka,
Kismet tayrey haath may nahi, kyun sachaye qabool nae kerlayta,

Eik baar kisi ka bhala tau ker,
Manzil asaan hai phir, maan kyun nae layta,

Us chaar diwari ka ehsaan tau ker zalim,
Jaha tanha hoga tu, maut ka manzar yaad kyun nae kerta,

Paisa, power aur fame, aati rehti hai,
Kirdaar sambhaal, parday khool kyun nae dayta,

Alfaaz aur kirdaar kay zakham ka andaza nahi tujhey,
Jeetayji na maar kisi ko, qismat sey khailna choor kyun nae dayta,

Bus jumlay khatum, hum khaak kay supurdh hogae ayazi,
Phr bi lafzo ka ilzaam humhe par aya, kay funkariyo sey dur kyun nahi rehtay,

cRazy little thinG y0u cAll LovE =p (poem)

Crazy little thing we call love
Is it real or just a curve?

One day one lady other day another
Resembles doc paper, take pills after one another,

Can’t help this lust
Why do girls blindly trust?

After everything that happens
Still they fell for some moronic sentence,

What each want you know that
Still girls say don’t touch that,

Teasing goes around all summer
Now that’s their way of a kicker,

But we no hand-cuffed ever
We just fix her best friend to be together,

Things go intense we split up
She yells don’t even say whats up,

Next day delist from BBM
Lets move on and get some new ram,

What’s life without a little fun?
But we don’t prefer playing in sun,

Different timings for different ones
Never paid bill, not even once,

Valentine comes pockets get deficit
OMG, so many gifts just so pathetic,

And then again we switch our ones
Like ice cream, can’t spent time with the same ones,

We feel telling our intentions
No room for some long-term sessions,

But your tender makes us say nothing
And we end up breaking you for nothing,

We will never change we love our game
But the real deal you will always remember my name

What Stops y0u....? (poem)

Stand up, don’t bend down
Life is no shit, open your eyes,

Depression and tension we created them
Recognition & self-respect we destroyed it,

No matter how hard it gets
You can always get what you want,

Don’t play with nature and religion
Pop yourself out of this bubble,

Get up, face the world destiny is your
Have faith, burn the sins not the gold,

Wash your face, roll your sleeves
It ain’t hard, face your deeds,

You will accomplish what you deserve
Just go for it and try again,

Don’t rely on others, recognize your gem
Don’t let it rotten or you will fail,

A friendly worthy advice, be stubborn
Put a face on smile not on fire

Only U.... (poem)

Wanna watch you all day
Wanna watch you all night,

Just you and you
And no one else but you,

You flash in mirror, in bed, in my arms
Gosssssh! What’s wrong with my eyes?

Your smiles your sparkling eyes
Just wanna dive in those storming eyes,

You make me feel top of my game
No wonder people say you make my day,

Don’t think this is a joke
My feeling aren’t that low,

Fake would take you and burn you
I cut myself if I eva hurt you,

Ball in your court right now
For once, use heart & no brain now.

Life As it comes......

For what it’s worth, always had a faith, dreams, passion, trust and self-confidence. Some called it talent, some called me god-gifted and some bragged about me saying I was on cloud 9. Truth is……it’s all fake! It’s all a lie….. Because it’s no talent, it’s no gift and definitely it ain’t passion. It’s just luck and its correct timing which made everyone perceive it. Maybe I have something maybe it’s my fantasy or maybe people are right I’m a douche-bag.

In all this life one thing I have learned amongst others that people come and go, if everyone gets what they wish for then everyone would be God. Our destiny is always opposite of what we think and plan for and one day we look behind and laugh out on what we use to think of us, sometimes top of the world and sometimes inside a dungeon. But facts remain the same…..time comes and goes, darkness appears and leaves but one thing exists and will remain the same no matter how much you try, can’t deny the actualities and verity that lies and surrounds you.

Remember one thing, something is always there for everyone and fortuitously we signify that thing in a dramatic fashion. First we say it’s the worst that could happen and then laugh when the realization phase occurs. No matter what kind of person you are, what religion, culture, ethnicity or category you belong to, this script remains the same in everyone’s life.

Respect it......! brag about it......! HELL do what eva you like...... just dont cry over it ;)

Thursday, 28 June 2012

main kehta hu ..... its possible!!!

sab kehtay hai nae hosakta...mein kehta hu its possible,
mushkil nae koi kaam....mein kehta hu its possible,

insaan dukhoo ka guldasta hai,
khushi kay poday lagana...its possible,

dunya ka koi kaam mushkil nae,
naam do mujhey...its possible,

darney say kub kissi ko hua hai kuch hasil?
mujhsey sab kay baad bi kehta hu...its possible,

eik muskurahat kay leye, hudday paar, kya kuch nae kerta ayaz tu
jab koi kehta hai its not possible ziddi hai tu jan laga layta hai yehi kehker...its possible

Monday, 2 April 2012

Ment-A-lity of liFe....inception to decline

so here it comes....
a long time..yeah i this is what i have been thinking for the past few weeks.... what does it takes to change someone's mentality?? is it constant? is it by birth? inherent? what develops it? what are the influences? and hw do they change?
....interesting isn't it!..yeah...let me share you my thoughts..offence if i hurt someone ;)

mentality i believe is never constant, no matter how stubborn a person is. Because when life give U-turns.... even the good ones gets shaken ;)

mentality builds as person grows. Its inception begins from the environment, culture, family relations and things he/she watches in his/her surroundings. And this starts from the day one when a child opens his eyes.
First and most influential reading he gets is family behavior and relationship around him. Slowly and gradually when he grows up, his surroundings grow bigger and he meets new people and friends. Their his mentality gets shaken again, he develops it more, changes some and modifies it. When goes into the maturity stage mentality again being tested.
Then comes the real test of life, when a person have relationships to handle, mentality's real strength gets judged.
At last a person enters into the stage where he learns it all, experiences a lot and has a pool full of life spending tips. There mentality doesn't move an inch, it gets constant and gets more stubborn then a person himself.

But there are people in this world who's mentalities have had remote changes but yet there is NO-ONE yet born and i believe wont be born whose mentality would remain 100% since its inception till his whole life.

Nevertheless, as a Muslim i also believe that Messengers of GOD are exceptions here.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Tension or Depression solution

what is more better guyz...taking anti depression pills or intake some kind of nicotine..preferably cigrate..... or any other thing?

what are ur suggesstions?

r muslims fundamentalists? extremist? or terrorrist?

hitler killed 6 crore people including world war II
joseph stalin killed 1 crore 45 lacs
mao tsi tsung killed 1 crore 40 lacs
robistiere killed 40 lacs

they were all non-muslims...then how cud one say Muslims r terrorrist or extremist...history proved that non-muslim r the biggest killers of humanity...then y people often say that Muslims are fundamentalist, extremist or terrorist.

Golden worDs....

3 simple tips to play safe in the game of life.....

*dont promise when u r hapPy.

*dont reply when u are angry.

*dont decide when u r sad.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Hola....... :D

h3y ppl...first blog....just a welcome thingy...i even dont know if its correct or not...just want to thAnk u guyx for's just the beginning ;) luV u awl
tcz n yeah i forgt to give u guys my first tip ;)

o it goes.....
always remember my golden words..."Dont worry Be happy" "no Tear can resolve any problem or use ur hands, wipe it off, look forward, begin with a new damn and still u dont find any solution........wot u waiting for??? call me idiots ;)"

for now itna he... ;) tcz!