Sunday, 19 February 2012

r muslims fundamentalists? extremist? or terrorrist?

hitler killed 6 crore people including world war II
joseph stalin killed 1 crore 45 lacs
mao tsi tsung killed 1 crore 40 lacs
robistiere killed 40 lacs

they were all non-muslims...then how cud one say Muslims r terrorrist or extremist...history proved that non-muslim r the biggest killers of humanity...then y people often say that Muslims are fundamentalist, extremist or terrorist.


  1. Well first of all I have never heard of all the other dictators mentioned in your list other than Hitler .but that’s OK. I have a very limited knowledge of history. The problem here is that you are comparing individuals with a nation your statement comparing Muslims with individuals and grouping them in to someone against Muslims really says that you are in a defensive mode right now. Each of them belonged to a different nation and for that matter a different religion and had different incentive for killing that much amount of people.

    Mao (Chinese) belonged to a Buddhist tradition (G haan! I googled )
    Hitler (German) was a Christian (I googled again)
    Robespierre (French) had something to do with Deism (and again google)

    We all know Buddhism is a peaceful religion, Christians are peace observing and I have no clue about deism never encountered one ,In fact I’ve never heard of this religon. But the fact of the matter here is how come the act few idealistic individual can lead to form an opinion about a religion .Every society has its fair share of bad members now it’s only logical that the largest practiced religion i.e. Islam would have its share of bad people more than the rest of religion, it’s only simple maths

  2. i agree with what u say bro n also appreciate ur googling least u made a good use of google (never expected this from you though :P )

    Matter of fact is that if any muslim had done such a thing in huge shuold be highlighted in why are people calling muslims with such names. And as for the nation point you there are still many nations in this world who have their leaders belonging to muslim religion..still their names are not in history or how can one say that Muslims are terrorist?

    and remember my sweet brother(from another mother), religions and nations are identified by the people following and living under its give me a single name of muslim leader or even an individual who was close to figures i mentioned above?

    think and google ;)