Monday, 2 April 2012

Ment-A-lity of liFe....inception to decline

so here it comes....
a long time..yeah i this is what i have been thinking for the past few weeks.... what does it takes to change someone's mentality?? is it constant? is it by birth? inherent? what develops it? what are the influences? and hw do they change?
....interesting isn't it!..yeah...let me share you my thoughts..offence if i hurt someone ;)

mentality i believe is never constant, no matter how stubborn a person is. Because when life give U-turns.... even the good ones gets shaken ;)

mentality builds as person grows. Its inception begins from the environment, culture, family relations and things he/she watches in his/her surroundings. And this starts from the day one when a child opens his eyes.
First and most influential reading he gets is family behavior and relationship around him. Slowly and gradually when he grows up, his surroundings grow bigger and he meets new people and friends. Their his mentality gets shaken again, he develops it more, changes some and modifies it. When goes into the maturity stage mentality again being tested.
Then comes the real test of life, when a person have relationships to handle, mentality's real strength gets judged.
At last a person enters into the stage where he learns it all, experiences a lot and has a pool full of life spending tips. There mentality doesn't move an inch, it gets constant and gets more stubborn then a person himself.

But there are people in this world who's mentalities have had remote changes but yet there is NO-ONE yet born and i believe wont be born whose mentality would remain 100% since its inception till his whole life.

Nevertheless, as a Muslim i also believe that Messengers of GOD are exceptions here.