Friday, 7 December 2012

Tomorrow… promise ‘Wallah’

This era is the most busiest nevertheless distracted era ever and the speed with which time is traveling I’m afraid people especially youths will forget what their central focus and aim was than what they are actually doing now and signs of which are shown everyday with numbers incrementing in multipliers.
Well people who lived before or belong to era before us have less distractions than what people face nowadays, and so that’s the main reason why people especially youths achieved what they wanted. Hold on readers, are you thinking I’m talking about studies here?? HeLL n0! I’m talking about every single thing anyone wanted, be it…, studies, sports or any other passion and target they had. But parallel to how much time is flying, number of youths which are actually succeeding in accomplishing their end desires are reducing every moment. Factors could be a number of reasons but key influences are remote in quantity. Wait..…wait..stay right there  everyone….i’m not justifying that it’s someone else fault that we get divertion from our ambitions, it is completely our fault. Now don’t be confuse by this I’m on your side and don’t give it a second thought whether I’m with you or not because if you do I’m afraid I might get hurt, physically though :P.
Well we always say “dude if I had a chance I would have nailed it brother” but we don’t realize we got plenty and then our blame game starts “man I was in this situation and that and this” the usual shit goes on. Everything has pros and cons we impliedly choose devil’s paradise. Hell yea it’s so much fun being there but in the end laying down on the couch or on bed makes us realize and we say three beautiful words again and again like someone is giving a speech for getting an achievement award, in which they say “I wanna thank bla bla bla” we say “W.T.FFF” (ya’all know what this means..c’mon don’t expect me to elaborate this part haha). And to end these stir craziness and proceed with our precious sleep (which bdw we don’t wanna comprise at any cost, despite going to bed at 2am or 3am) we say the usual line “Wallah tomorrow I’ll start, daikhna kal kya kerta hu main” and then that start is never seen again until you get another flashback while trying to sleep.
That’s life, reality and facing truth is bitter but at the same time the biggest tool to change ourselves and attain what we want. Start facing veracity, it is one of the keys to be successful.
Stay blessed.

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