Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Life As it comes......

For what it’s worth, always had a faith, dreams, passion, trust and self-confidence. Some called it talent, some called me god-gifted and some bragged about me saying I was on cloud 9. Truth is……it’s all fake! It’s all a lie….. Because it’s no talent, it’s no gift and definitely it ain’t passion. It’s just luck and its correct timing which made everyone perceive it. Maybe I have something maybe it’s my fantasy or maybe people are right I’m a douche-bag.

In all this life one thing I have learned amongst others that people come and go, if everyone gets what they wish for then everyone would be God. Our destiny is always opposite of what we think and plan for and one day we look behind and laugh out on what we use to think of us, sometimes top of the world and sometimes inside a dungeon. But facts remain the same…..time comes and goes, darkness appears and leaves but one thing exists and will remain the same no matter how much you try, can’t deny the actualities and verity that lies and surrounds you.

Remember one thing, something is always there for everyone and fortuitously we signify that thing in a dramatic fashion. First we say it’s the worst that could happen and then laugh when the realization phase occurs. No matter what kind of person you are, what religion, culture, ethnicity or category you belong to, this script remains the same in everyone’s life.

Respect it......! brag about it......! HELL do what eva you like...... just dont cry over it ;)

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