Tuesday, 2 October 2012

cRazy little thinG y0u cAll LovE =p (poem)

Crazy little thing we call love
Is it real or just a curve?

One day one lady other day another
Resembles doc paper, take pills after one another,

Can’t help this lust
Why do girls blindly trust?

After everything that happens
Still they fell for some moronic sentence,

What each want you know that
Still girls say don’t touch that,

Teasing goes around all summer
Now that’s their way of a kicker,

But we no hand-cuffed ever
We just fix her best friend to be together,

Things go intense we split up
She yells don’t even say whats up,

Next day delist from BBM
Lets move on and get some new ram,

What’s life without a little fun?
But we don’t prefer playing in sun,

Different timings for different ones
Never paid bill, not even once,

Valentine comes pockets get deficit
OMG, so many gifts just so pathetic,

And then again we switch our ones
Like ice cream, can’t spent time with the same ones,

We feel telling our intentions
No room for some long-term sessions,

But your tender makes us say nothing
And we end up breaking you for nothing,

We will never change we love our game
But the real deal you will always remember my name

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